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Frequently Asked Questions


When will GPods be shipped?

Do you charge shipping fee?

How long does the shipping take?

Which countries will the first batches be released in?

Can I change shipment info after order is finished?

Can I track my delivery?


What's in the box?

What's the payment method?

If I decide to return GPods after receiving them, do I need to pay the shipping fee?

If I order many GPods together, can I have an extra discount?

Can I cancel my order?

Do you save my bank details?


Does GPods APP work on both iOS and Android?

How long do GPods take to fully charge?

How long does GPods battery last?

How is the sound quality?

Does GPods have buit-in mic?

Will the GPods be able to Bluetooth pair with more than 1 device?


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Free Shipping

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Secure Payment

Processed Securely

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