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Why does the light effect in the GPods APP not match the one on the real GPods earbuds?

Gpods create a light rhythm according to different songs and volumes by the fluctuation amplitude of the sound captured by the earbuds when playing music. So, GPods can show a different real-time dynamic light effect when playing music.

To satisfy people's curiosity, the GPods APP will show a small preview of the light effect according to the rhythm, not real-time visual effects.

Choose your favorite rhythmic effect to use and you can quickly see the difference between various rhythms. Don't play music when the earbuds are inside the charging case, the rhythm modes won't be visible.

The App stopped working, what should I do?

Follow these steps for the app troubleshoot:

1. Go to Google Play or the iOS App Store and make sure you are using the latest version of the app.

2. If you are already using the latest version, close the app, make sure it's not running in the background, and then open it again. - Android: Select Settings -> App Management -> App List -> No Apps -> Clear Cache, then reopen the app. - iOS: Select Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> No Apps -> Clear Cache, then reopen the app.

3. If the problem persists, please uninstall the app and reinstall it. Note: Please make sure your device's OS version supports the HHOGene App.

Where do I download the GPods App?

For an iPhone, you can search HHOGene through Appstore or download it from google play for an Android phone.

Do I need the GPods App for the earbuds to function?

The earbuds don't rely on the app to function.

Why do we need firmware updates? What does a firmware update do?

1. We will continue to optimize the performance of GPods, such as light effects, adding new light options, etc., which need to be upgraded through the firmware. 2. Firmware upgrade process. Please follow the app prompts, the process will take a long time, please wait patiently, if the upgrade failed, do not worry, exit the page to re-enter the upgrade page.

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